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We build trust with customers

We build trust with customers to become their reliable pump equipment resource.
Advanced Pump is a solution-oriented, customer focused company. Whether you’re a new customer looking for a pump installation or an existing customer looking for a pump part, all of our customers are important to us. We strive to earn your trust by demonstrating our pump equipment expertise and capabilities with actions.

We do our research and we make educated recommendations we believe will yield the best pump solution for our customers.
It’s not just a statement. It’s a promise we stand behind.

At Advanced Pump, for more than 30 years, we’ve successfully and reliably serviced companies throughout New England in the HVAC, Commercial, Industrial, Biomedical and Chemical industries providing pump sales, installations, repairs and services. However, we also provide sourcing to large distributors helping them gain access to pump lines from key manufacturers. If there is specific pump equipment you are unable to locate, we can help!

We offer a comprehensive range of value-added pump services to include:

Experience the difference with Advanced Pump

We want to help customers maximize their pump equipment investment, as we know that no business, regardless of size, can afford downtime. We also know that we can’t always be there the second you need us, which is why we also provide:
– Troubleshooting assistance via telephone provided by skilled technicians
– Pump repair training on-site for your staff to make interim repairs as necessary
– Customer on-site inventory of spare pump parts

Advanced Pump is more than just resellers–we are your pump equipment partners.

We encourage new customers and distributors to call us at 781.932.3030 to obtain more information about our pump sales, installation, and repair services. Or browse our website to research the extensive pump equipment lines we carry from key manufacturers.

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