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Barnes Pumps is a trusted leader in wastewater transportation and management, offering innovative pump solutions designed for efficient and effective wastewater handling. With a focus on serving diverse markets, including municipal, commercial, residential, and military applications.

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Advanced Pump is authorized Barnes Pump distributor in New England. Advanced Pumps’ knowledge on Barnes Pump allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient pump solution. Have questions about the right Barnes Pump for your project? Reach out today to set up a site visit by one of our Barnes Pump professionals.

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About Barnes Pumps

Barnes Pumps is an integral part of Crane Pumps & Systems (CP&S), a division under the expansive umbrella of Crane Co., a diversified manufacturer known for its highly engineered industrial products and significant presence in focused niche markets. Founded in 1855 by Richard Teller Crane with a foundational ideology centered on conducting business with integrity and delivering superior quality to customers, Crane Co. has grown into a global leader with a commitment to excellence that has remained unchanged for over a century.

As a division of the Process Flow Technologies segment of Crane Co, CP&S specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative pump solutions aimed at the effective and efficient transportation of wastewater. Barnes, alongside other notable brands such as Deming, Weinman, Burks, Prosser, and Crown, forms the core of CP&S’s offering. These brands boast an expansive product portfolio with a rich history in the wastewater market, demonstrating a legacy of innovation and quality.

CP&S’s approach to product development is underpinned by a philosophy to “Think Big, Be Bold, and Act Fast,” enabling the division to adapt swiftly to changing market demands. This forward-thinking strategy is coupled with a deep commitment to the associates and customers of CP&S, fostering bonds of exceptional service and continual improvement. Through this dedication, CP&S is not only maintaining its momentum but is also propelling forward with market-leading solutions that are poised to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The roots of Barnes Pumps and the wider CP&S division lie in the core values instilled by Richard Teller Crane. His belief in a performance-based culture, rooted in trust and respect, collaboration, and diversity, remains a guiding principle. Crane’s emphasis on prioritizing employee welfare and customer satisfaction over mere financial gain has paved the way for the enduring success of the company. His commitment to honesty, fairness, and a relentless focus on the business has ensured Barnes Pumps, continues to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence envisioned by its founder.

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