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Barnes Pumps: Reliable and Durable

Barnes pumps are one of the most reliable pump brands on the market today. Barnes pumps, founded in 1985,  have been operating reliably for over 30 years – some of our customers have some original Barnes pumps in operation today! Plumbers, facility managers, engineers, and wastewater supervisors live and die by Barnes pumps for all of their applications.

Barnes pumps are used in a variety of applications. From crucial and essential applications such as municipal and industrial wastewater/sewage to booster pumps and sump pumps, Barnes can do it all!

A few of their most popular lines are:

Industrial Wastewater & Sewage

Barnes has specifically designed reliable and durable non-clog, grinder, and chopper pumps that can handle a variety of wastewater or sewage applications. A few of their wastewater pump models are Sithe chopper, Razor Grinder Pump, Blade grinder pumps, Deming Demersible solids handling pump, and many more!

Commercial & Residential Plumbing

Barnes commercial and residential sewage, sump, effluent pumps offer reliable, durable, and efficient operations. Models include the EcoTRAN Low-Pressure Sewer System Pump, Barnes SHUR-Switch Sump Pumps, slurry pumps, and more!


Barnes also offers lines and pump models specifically engineered for portable and submersible dewatering or sump pumps for emergency situations. Barnes’s top models are Barnes Transfer pump series, Barnes Dewatering series 70, 125, 126, Line-9.

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