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Crane Pumps and Systems Brands

Advanced Pump Company distributes many manufacturers of pumps. One of the leading and most reliable lines we distribute is Crane Pumps. Now, you may be wondering, what type of pumps does Crane offer? Well, you wouldn’t be the first to ask. Crane has a variety of reputable and reliable pump brands under their umbrella. Some brands that fall under Crane Pump & Systems are as follows:

Barnes pumps was founded in 1895 and has manufactured reliable and durable pumps ever since. Barnes pumps are known for their use in sewage, wastewater, residential, and pressure sewer system applications.

Deming pumps are very reliable pumps for your industrial and municipal applications. Founded in 1880, they have proved to be reliable for decades. In fact, a Deming pump installed in 1911 for a fire hydrant pressure system lasted over 50 years until the system was finally upgraded.

Burks pumps are just as reliable as any Crane pump. These pumps are known for their industrial and commercial uses. From turbine pumps, condensate units, effluent to portable transfer pumps, get yourself a Burks pump if you want the job done.

Weinman is known for its HVAC, commercial, and industrial uses. Their products are recognized for efficiency, reliability, and competitive cost of ownership. They are one, if not the most, leading brand in the water supply and service application market.

Your Advanced Pump Company team distributes these Crane brands and is more than happy to answer any questions regarding any Crane lines. If you would like to receive a quote or application inquiry for a manufacturer that falls under the Crane Pump & Systems umbrella, email or give us a call at (781) 932-3030.

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