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Grundfos Introduces New High-Performance CR Pump

Grundfos, a global leader in water technology, has released the new CR 185 vertical multistage inline pump, the latest innovation to its industry-leading CR range. Through advanced simulation-driven design, the Grundfos CR 185 now delivers the most performance in its class — up to 1,275 gpm and 1,230 feet of head. The CR 185 is ideal for high-flow water supply, water transfer, and water treatment applications where energy efficiency is paramount.

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“Grundfos’ engineering team has a storied history of developing world-class pumps for going on 50 years,” said Jay Stellmacher, Grundfos vice president of sales for industry distribution in the USA and Canada. “The CR 185 is no exception. It is a truly new pump that performs in ways that are unmatched by any other vertical multistage pump, allowing it to be used in applications that previously required larger split-case and end-suction pumps. This has been achieved through innovative technology in materials, testing and production.”

An improved impeller design reduces energy loss and the optimized flow path reduces pressure loss, both of which improve the pump’s efficiency. On pumps up to 30 hp, the CR range features an integrated VFD, the Grundfos MLE motor, and for pumps larger than 30 hp a panel mounted CUE VFD is available to offer further energy optimization, efficiency and control. Low vibration reduces noise and ensures a longer lifespan. Additionally, balanced radial loads prevent shaft deflection that is common in single-stage pumps.

A new thrust handling device allows the use of standard motors on pumps with 100 hp motors and above. Additionally, the cartridge shaft seal allows the most common maintenance task to be performed on site in less than 30 minutes without the removal of the motor, making the CR range one of the easiest to service pump ranges on the market.

“Replacing an old end-suction cast iron pump with a CR is an investment that pays for itself in a short amount of time,” said Stellmacher. “The CR 185 provides outstanding performance, reliability and serviceability. And, like other pumps in the CR range, its small footprint saves valuable space.”

The Grundfos CR 185 will be featured at the virtual International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) Marketplace Week from Jan. 25-29, 2021. Learn more about the expanded range of CRs by visiting

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