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Grundfos CR, CRE Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Grundfos’s most popular commercial and industrial lines – the Grundfos CR & CRE models – is a household name in pumps and water system solutions. 

For companies and businesses across North America, the CR will be the most notable and profound line. These Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps are found in many factories, plants, office buildings, commercial buildings around the continent. This model is known for the design of the suction and discharge ports on the same level plane. The CR’s pump head and base are cast iron, while the wetted parts are stainless steel.

The CR can be used in various applications such as irrigation, HVAC, Commercial fire protection, pressure boosting, water treatment plants, desalination plants, Industrial heating, machining, wastewater, and municipal applications. The CR can do it all!

In addition to the well-known and reliable Grundfos CR model line, the CRE takes it to the next level. The CRE is the CR pump except for a Grundfos twist – it is integrated with a variable frequency drive motor! These apps allow you to control your Grundfos E-products in the palm of your hand with the Grundfos GO remote. These easy-to-use apps will enable you to generate pump reports, troubleshoot, and control one or more pumps with all the data necessary to keep your operations running smoothly. Grundfos sets themselves apart from their competition, thanks to their commitment to developing and enhancing the technology integrated with their pumps.

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