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Grundfos GO Remote APP

The Grundfos Go Remote app revolutionizes how you control and monitor your Grundfos pumps, and it works for all Grundfos E-Products.

Just as “the pig” was a revolutionary design for its time, so is the Grundfos Go Remote app. Instead of incurring an enormous expense for a pump/system management software or company – the Grundfos GO remote app can do it all – it allows you to control and monitor your Grundfos pumps within your facility from the palm of your hand.

The GO remote app allows you to control your pump’s VFDs from your smartphone with the click of a few buttons. It can monitor the pump’s efficiency & performance, troubleshoot problems, create and review pump system reports, and intelligently connect one pump to other pumps within your system to operate at peak efficiency. The Go Remote App is a must need – it allows you to always be in control of your system.

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