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Grundfos announced the establishment of its new global Mobility Team

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Spearheaded by Senior Sales Director Peter Kiaer, the Mobility Team will serve Grundfos’ global customers across automotive, train, airplane and ship manufacturers, helping them to improve their water and energy footprint. The team consists of specialists with extensive experience providing optimised water and pump solutions to the automotive and transportation industry. 

The establishment of Grundfos’ Mobility Team comes at a critical time amidst growing concerns of climate change and environmental preservation. Governments and public across the globe are making a stronger push on sustainability. To respond to these trends, automotive manufacturers have also accelerated their investment in green production and processes, and are increasingly looking to the developments in electric vehicles as a new opportunity.

It is estimated that producing a car uses over 39,000 gallons (148 cubic metres) of water1, and generates a significant amount of wastewater. At the same time, transportation use accounted for a quarter of the world’s global CO2 emissions in 2016. 2 Such significant water use and CO2 emissions present automotive manufacturers with an opportunity to have a deep impact on the environment by rethinking the way they use energy and water. 

“The automotive and transportation industry is undergoing a profound green transition and sustainability is a strategic priority for all manufacturers today,” said Kiaer. “With water and pump solutions being a crucial part of industrial processes, Grundfos has a unique role to play across the automotive value chain. Our solutions can help customers optimise water use, mitigate impact of manufacturing waste, and improve energy and operational efficiency. With the launch of the Grundfos Mobility Team, we are better placed than ever to help our customers achieve greener production practices alongside our network of distributors and dealers.” 

“As a business with sustainability at the core of everything we do, we are energised by the opportunity to work with more partners to bring far-reaching benefits on the environment,” said Humphrey Lau, Senior Vice President, Industry Sales. “The launch of a dedicated Grundfos Mobility Team is very much in line with our business philosophy to drive sustainability, by continuously pushing boundaries of possibilities in energy efficiency and water conservation.”

As more companies embrace Industry 4.0 to increase productivity and reduce costs, Grundfos is ramping up efforts to develop more intelligent and integrated water and pump solutions to help its customers navigate the transition and set themselves apart from competition. Launched in 2017, Grundfos iSolutions, pump systems and water technology with solutions that look beyond individual components and optimise the entire system, have enabled many customers across different industries to reach a new level of performance. Through advanced sensors, the Grundfos Machine Health solution can provide 24/7 monitoring and in-depth insights at the machine level to prevent downtime and optimise operation. 

Grundfos’ Mobility Team will look to prioritise automotive industries in Japan, China, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States as part of the initial launch, with aims to continue to grow the team and portfolio to better serve the needs of the global automotive and transportation industry.

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