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Grundfos Pumps Teamed up to Get Clean Water to Remote Places In Africa

In the age of a pandemic, it is nice to get some uplifting news. It may sound like a generation ago, but just six years ago, in 2015, Grundfos teamed up with a not-for-profit to provide 2 million people in the sub-Saharan African region with clean drinking water. As of October 2021, Grundfos and their global partner managed to bring clean water to over 2.4 million people despite a global pandemic!

This amazing achievement should and is being celebrated all over the world. The best part is, Grundfos isn’t stopping there. They plan to reach 4 million people with access to clean water by 2024 – an awe-inspiring feat that Grundfos and their partner, World Vision, hope to accomplish. Besides the good nature of this story, there is something interesting technology that Grundfos has created to make this achievement possible. That technological achievement is their solar-powered well pump.

The Grundfos SQFlex pump can be used for a wide range of well applications. Besides providing 2.4 million people with clean water in Africa, they can provide livestock watering, solar boosting & water supply, municipal solar systems, and community water supplies. These well pumps are powered in various ways, including solar, wind, and AC Power.

The Advanced Pump Company team thanks Grundfos and their global partner World Vision for providing moral good in this world!

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