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Grundfos SEG Sewage Pumps

The Grundfos SEG wastewater pump is one of Grundfos hottest new innovations. This grinder pump is a 2 to 5.5 horsepower pump designed to pump untreated/raw sewage. The SEG is the perfect combination of dependable, reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solutions to your wastewater needs. These models are primarily designed for commercial, municipal, and industrial wastewater situations.

Notable features of the SEG are internally integrated/built-in switches that are thermally reactive within the motor windings to provide against motor overheating – which ensures a longer lifetime. In addition to the reactive thermal switches, the SEG has a key hardened constructed cartridge seal system and a sealed cable plug system to prevent fluid or wastewater from seeping into the motor. Grundfos spared no expense when designing this wastewater pump. The SEG is sure to tackle any of your industrial or commercial wastewater needs.

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