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Grundfos Submersible Pumps

Grundfos offers a line of pumps designed specifically for irrigation, water supply, pressure boosting, and dewatering. This line has a wide offering of different ranges and sizes that can take on just about any project.

With Flow rates ranging from 0 to 1100 GPM, the Grundfos SP line assures that you’re able to maximize efficiency no matter the project with constant improvements to the high-performance hydraulic design. These stainless steel pumps are constructed with to resist corrosion and hold up against abrasive liquids.


Reducing your operating costs is front of mind with Grundfos products, including the Submersible Pump lines. Electricity is the most expensive part of operating any pump, and it is often overlooked when comparing price points on pumps. According to a recent study done by Grundfos, on average the initial purchase and continued maintenance only accounts for approximately 15% of the total lifetime cost of a pump. This means that nearly 85% or more of the costs related to your pumps is driven by the electricity costs of running it.

The real cost savings in purchasing a pump is in assuring you’ve got the right pump for the parameters.

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