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Reasons why you should have a Preventative Maintenance Program for your industrial and commercial pumps.

Most people would concur that reactive maintenance, the act of only fixing problems or pump failures when they arise, is probably not the most efficient, effective, and successful type of pump reliability plan. Instead of waiting for your pumps to fail, which can lead to costly downtimes, expensive repairs, and a decrease in employee productivity – you should service your pumps routinely. This will keep your business up and running and avoid those awful maintenance headaches.

3 Reasons why you need a preventative pump maintenance plan:

  1. Reduces Costly Downtime & Increase Productivity: If your company or business solely relies on your industrial or commercial pumps to create, produce, or keep your facilities running – you can’t afford any downtime. A proactive, condition-based, or time-based preventative maintenance plan will mitigate and could ultimately prevent the spontaneous failure of your pumps. These plans will catch issues or potential failure points in the pump/pump system before leading to the dreaded failure and shut down of the system.
  2. Maximized Equipment Life: Routine, scheduled, and proactive maintenance on your industrial and commercial pumps will catch or mitigate potentially equipment damaging wear and tear on your pump. Monitoring, evaluating, and replacing any items such as seals, bearings, gaskets, and motor bearings on your pump before they fail and damage the overall factory performance of the pump will increase the life of your equipment.
  3. Save on Pricey Repairs: If your pump Is critical to the operation of your business or facility and it breaks down, it can be costly to have an emergency repair team brought in. Especially in these times of rising prices and longer shipping times for crucial replacement parts, catching potential failure points in your system before they lead to a total repair or rebuild can save you an exorbitant repair cost. Luckily, Advanced Pump Company is here to help if that situation arises!

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