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The Benefits of using a Variable Frequency Drive

First off, one may ask, what exactly is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFDs)? It’s a type of switchgear that controls motors differently than non -VFDs. In a Non-VFD motors can only operate at one supply frequency – usually 60hz in the United States. A VFD does not have to use or send the full voltage and amperage load to the motor. VFDs scaled the signal it sends to the motor, which in turn allows the power to be scaled. Due to this ramping, or scaling, or power that are many benefits to VFDs.
Three Benefits to implementing VFD’s for your Pumps:

  1. Save on Energy Cost: VFDs are able to operate at less than full speed. Operating at less than maximum speed reduces overall energy output. Less energy output translates lower cost of operation.
  2. Flexible Pump Curve: Implementing a VFD allows you to essentially achieve different pumps for each speed setting of the VFD. These changes in speed and output allow you to react and adjust to changes in your system. It allows you to get the flow and GPM settings you need when it requires it.
  3. Maximize Pump Life: VFD’s are known to extend and maximize the life of your pump. VFD’s allow you to adjust to the needs of the pump and in the most efficient way. VFD’s enable the motor to “ramp-up” which in turn, reduces wear and tear, and reduces water hammering that causes damaging stress on the impeller and shaft of your pump.

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