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Why should you exercise your valves?

Valves are often a forgettable part of your pump system. However, valves are a crucial aspect of your entire system. When time is of the essence, relying on properly working valves is vital for your maintenance team to be able to shut off any flow to your pump. In cases where the valves have not been exercised routinely, they can rust out and be rendered useless. This can cause long downtimes and costly hours to erect the situation.

What are the basics of exercising valves on your pumping system? It is very simple, exercising a valve simply means opening and closing it to work it through its operating range of motion to routinely check nothing is wrong or rusted shut. A study showed that roughly 60% of all valves will not work when required to. Rusted or non-operational valves can lead to costly downtimes and a messy situation when a pump or seal fails.

The frequency of exercising your valves depends entirely on your system. If you’re a large facility with water supply needs that are vital to the operation of the business or facility – such as a hospital. Your valves should frequently be exercised. A minimum of once or twice is year should be required for your facility. This will avoid pesky valves from becoming cemented in place when you need to shut off the supply of water in a hurry.

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