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What information is required to size your pump?

Are you trying to size the correct pump for your residential, commercial, or industrial facilities needs? If so, it may feel a little daunting at first – but fear not, The Advanced Pump team is here. Some essential tidbits of information are required to correctly size the right pump for your systems’ operational needs. The three basic questions you need to answer are as follows:

  1. What fluid are you pumping? The type of fluid helps determine how abrasive resistant pump materials construction must be and the kind of pump that would be most efficient for your needs.
  2. How far/high are you pumping the fluid? In industry terms, this is called “feet of head.” In short, how far, including friction and lost calculations, do you need to pump your fluid.
  3. How much fluid do you have to move? Or, what are your pump’s flow requirements: how much fluid and how fast do you need to pump it? In the United States, flow requirements typically are stated in gallons per minute.


However, these three informational requirements are not an exhaustive list to size to accurately and correctly size your pump. Depending on the operational parameters that you require from the pump and the environment the pump is working in, the Advanced Pump team can assist you in finding the most efficient pump for your system.

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