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What to Check When Your Pump Stops Working

Even with the proper installation of a trustworthy pump, things can happen and that’s what we’re here for. Since 1988, Advanced Pump has been devoted to finding the solutions you need. We work quickly, carefully, and affordably to locate the issue(s) and help to prevent more in the future.

If your pump is not operating efficiently or at all, then it is likely to be a more serious issue and we can help. However, not all issues you encounter will be severe. Here are 5 things to check when your pump stops functioning correctly:

  1. Your Power Source: Sometimes a fix for your pump is as easy as verifying the power supply it needs. You can find this information by double-checking factory specifications. Be sure to check that any electrical wiring involved is in good condition and that everything is plugged in. Specifically, for air operated pumps, ensure the condition of the compressor. For metering pumps, surges in electrical supply can put a damper on their performance and you should contact a professional to check the stability of the mains supply. A surge protector may also prove useful, but only to an extent.
  2. Aging: Eventually, your pump system is going to succumb to old age’s wear and tear. It is important to determine the age of the components and the pump and consider a replacement if it has been some time. You can tell it might be time for a new one if you can see the signs of wear and tear. Look for residue or deposits that have fallen off your pump, pipe, valve or fitting interiors. It is important to do this because it is a possibility that you only need to replace one component, and not the entire pump (Woo-hoo!).
  3. Factory Performance: It is important to recognize what is to be expected from your pump. If you are meeting the factory specifications and the pump is not performing the way it should be, then something is definitely wrong.
  4. Noise: A pump will scream for help if it needs to. While a calm humming is expected, any pops, screeches, or other strange noises, are an indicator that something is off.
  5. Correct Installation: If your pumping system is exuberating excessive heat, vibrating aggressively, or oozing liquids, it has not been installed correctly. This could be a health and safety concern for everyone involved.

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