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Why should you laser align your pump?

First off, you may ask, what exactly does laser aligning a pump entail? Laser alignment is the most accurate way to align your motor and pump. These highly accurate technical devices use lasers, internal levels, and automatic calculations to ensure the motor and pumps are aligned as accurately as possible. These alignment tools can be as accurate as 0.01mm – yes, that’s a tenth of a millimeter! A well-seasoned and experienced Pump technician can’t come close to that accuracy!
The benefits of laser aligning your motor and pump:

  1. Vibration/Noise Issues: Misalignment on either the motor or pump end can cause severe vibration issues that can lead to catastrophic failures in either your pump or motor – or even your piping!
  2. Avoid Excessive Operating Temperatures: Incorrect alignment can cause bearings to scape or operate unevenly, which can, in turn, cause excessive heat in the motor and pump end. These high temperatures can lead to motor and pump failures. These failures can result in expensive repairs or a whole new pump & motor system!
  3. Save seals/bearings from premature wear: Not all issues are catastrophic; however, misalignments can cause you to repair/rebuild your pump and motor bearings more frequently than if they are laser aligned. This can save you and your business on maintenance costs throughout the life of the pump.

Laser aligning your motor and pump will save you from awful maintenance and repair headaches in the future. It doesn’t take long to do, and it will save you and your company money from frequent, costly repairs and from destroying your pump altogether!

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