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The most versatile rotary gear pumps on the market and are used in a wide array of applications.  Designed for trouble-free operation under a wide range of temperature conditions, the Bowie pump is widely used in the transfer of pumping many liquids with varying viscosities. Bowie pumps are offered in 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, and 4” versions and can be used with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.

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Advanced Pump is authorized to offer sales and service for Bowie products. Advanced Pumps’ knowledge and expertise regarding Bowie pumps & technology allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective and efficient pump solution.

Bowie Applications

Transfer & Recirculation

Advanced Pump Bowie Pump Specializations

Bowie 2300 Signature

Bowie 2300 Signature

Cast Iron Bushing STD, 2” Port

Bowie Ultra-Seal 2600

Bowie Ultra-Seal 2600

2” ports, Teflon and Viton lip seals

Bowie XP 2400

Bowie XP 2400

2” port size, for applications involving hazardous materials

Bowie ECO-SEAL 2300 S

Bowie ECO-SEAL 2300 S

Up to 185 gpm with rubber gears and 290 gpm with steel gears

Bowie DURA-SEAL 4700

Bowie DURA-SEAL 4700

4” port size, industry-leading flow volume of up to 660 gpm

More about Bowie Pumps:

Bowie Pumps are manufactured here, in the United States in Bowie, Texas, and Advanced Pump Company, Inc. has been a distributor for many years. Their loyal customers base has proven their ability to get the job done due to the reliability and effectiveness they display time and time again.

Our customers utilizing these pumps come from a diverse range of industries ranging from environmental clean-up specialists to mining & drilling experts. But, if they have one thing in common, it’s their fondness of Bowie. If you need a reliable, cost-effective gear-pump that has continually proven itself, then look no further – call us for a Bowie Pump today!

Here are four major reasons why customers make the switch to Bowie Pumps:

  1. Long-lasting Pump Life: During the day-to-day operations of your business, if your pump ceases flowing – so do profits to your bottom line. Bowies are engineered and designed to cope with stressful operational parameters. With internals such as high-load carrying bearing, seals, and shafts, to thousands of hours of internal, external, and field testing – Bowies are designed to last!
  2. Leak-Resistant: For instance, if your company is an environmental clean-up specialist, your pump can’t afford to leak – potentially causing irreversible environmental damage. The seals used within Bowies are designed to provide exceptional leak resistance.
  3. Top-of-the-Line Construction: The engineers who designed Bowies left no stone unturned. From cutting-edge gears, advanced sealing technologies, and specialty relief plates and shaft extension kits – Bowies are designed to last and operate in the harshest conditions.
  4. Versatility: Bowies are engineered and designed to operate and pump various fluids. From all types of water, crude oil, chemicals, solvents, and much more! Bowies can operate in harshest conditions, from high and low temperatures, high pressures and speed, to high fluid viscosity. The bottom line is, if you have a fluid that needs to be pumped – call us for a Bowie Pump!


The meshing of the gears cause a slight depression, with the resulting enmeshing of the gears causing a vacuum drawing
the fluid being pumped into the space between the teeth of the gear. The liquid is carried between the teeth and the case to the
opposite side of the pump. The fluid is also forced into the discharge line by the meshing of the gears. Bowie Pumps are
positive displacement pumps. The pumping gears are of equal size and are the only two moving parts in the pump, which
promotes longer life.


The Series 300, 400, and 500 -2″ and 3″ Bowie Pumps are designed and recommended to be operated not to exceed 400 RPM
and not in excess of 100 PSI of pressure. At this speed the 2″ Bowie Pump will deliver approximately 140 GPM at no discharge
pressure and the 3″ will deliver approximately 238 GPM. The Series 8100 and 9100, 1¼ ” – 1½” are designed and recommended
to be operated not to exceed 780 RPM. At this speed either size will deliver approximately 48 GPM and not in excess of 100 PSI
of pressure. The Bowie Pumps is a rotary pump, and the delivery rate will vary some with the differential pressure and the
viscosity of the liquid. The Bowie Pumps operate either clockwise or counterclockwise with equal efficiency. No alterations
are necessary relative to connections, but it must be remembered that when reversing rotation, the flow of liquid is also reversed
in that the suction line becomes the discharge line and visa versa. The suction line must always be at least the same size of the
suction port. 


If you would like to learn more or request a quote regarding a Bowie Pump application, please email or give us a call at (781) 932-3030


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