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Dosing / Metering Pumps


Dosing / Metering Pump Overview

A dosing / metering pump is a simple pump that uses positive displacement to inject a chemical or substance into a water stream. You can also use this pump to inject chemical or substance into gas or steams. These dosing pumps are most common for their industrial applications. What’s more, dosing metering pumps are an integral part of chemical dispersion systems. They use a simple expansion and contraction mechanism to disperse liquid or substance. You can also use these pumps to calculate the flow of substances in a liquid, gas, or steam. Experts have optimized these dosing metering pumps, increasing their accuracy for many liquids. You can use the pumps to incorporate acids, bases, slurries, corrosives, and viscous fluids.

Dosing Metering Pumps: Operations and Mechanism

Dosing pumps extract a calculated amount of  liquids and then inject the substance into a tank containing a liquid, gas, or steam.

The fluid inside the container is constantly metered and uses an electrical motor. The machine also has an on and off switch, ensuring that the flow rates stay consistent. These pumps are quite reliable because of no internal contact between parts, and eliminating the chances of friction or wear and tear in the system. Moreover, these pumps are free from oil vapor contamination because they do not need lubrication and can efficiently operate dry.

Structure of Dosing Pumps

The dosing pumps include a diaphragm, two valves, and a chamber for displacement. They also has a drive mechanism, allowing them to operate longer. The pump’s diaphragm vibrates and creates suction to move the fluid to and. You can find the flexible diaphragm between the connection flange and the discharge chamber. The valves usually include a spring-loaded ball valve or baffle valves, which move by allowing the liquid to move in and out of the pump.

Dosing Metering Pumps Brands

Dosing Pump: Applications

Dosing pumps are famous in many industries because of their sophisticated design, easy accessibility options, and calculated substance infusion. Experts use most of these pumps in the water treatment industry for adding calculated amounts of chlorine. Water treatment requires using chlorine in a calculated amount. Otherwise, it can become poisonous. Similarly, the agriculture industry requires a particular amount of insecticides and pesticides on crops. This is where dosing pumps come in incredibly handy. In addition, manufacturing facilities, industrial plants, mining operations, and many other industries
also use these dosing pumps.

You can also use these pumps to adjust pH levels and corrosion levels to kill bacteria. The pumps can easily withstand harsh conditions, and can operate well under high temperatures. You can choose from different dosing metering pumps like Constant Injection, Lobe Pump. Here are the two common variants you will come across:

  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Pulse Jet Pumps