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Electric Motor Repair & Service

Maintenance & Repair Services

Electric Motor Service and Repair

Advanced Pump specializes in the service and repairs of electric motors and drives. Our experienced technicians can service motors up to 500 Hp in many cases. Let Advanced Pump Company help assess your electric motor needs and offer the best solution available.

Our experienced technicians rebuild, repair, or rewind all major electric motor brands.

Advanced Pump is proud to offer maintenance and repair services. Call (781) 932-3030 or email today to discuss your needs.

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Top Motor Brands

Air Compressor Service


  • Check alignment
  • Routine lubrication when necessary
  • Assess bearings
  • Testing all controls and safety functions
  • Recording operational parameters
  • Bearing replacements
  • Alignments
  • Rewinding
  • Any other repair needs


Advanced Pump services electric motors throughout New England and New York. Our team is available for on-site electric motor maintenance or service as well as in-house electric motor service. If transporting your electric motor is an issue give us a call at 781 932-3030 to set up a time for one of our team members to come pick it up!

Are you looking to drop off your electric motor for repair? Stop by 50 High Street Rear, Woburn MA 08101 and see us.

Not Seeing

Not seeing what you’re looking for here? Advanced Pump is a full service motor shop in addition to serving pumps and compressors. We have the capacity to take on up to 300 HP + Electric Motors and are able to service Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New York. 

Reach out today to chat with someone from our team! We’re available at (781) 932-3030 or