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End-Suction Centrifugal


End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps Overview

An end suction pump is a centrifugal pump with an axial and suction charge at a 90-degree angle to the suction. Many of these pumps have centerline discharge, according to international standards. These end suction pumps can be long-coupled and thus have separate coupling and motor systems. Other ones may have close coupled end suction pumps (where the motor and the coupling are in the same unit), often called a monobloc. The casing in these end-suction pumps usually creates a volute, which reduces the impeller, shaft, and rotor forces. These pumps can handle different ranges of flow depending on the application, making them a versatile option.

How does it Work?

The end suction pumps have a single volute type casing and an impeller. The pumps work best when the liquid increases velocity after pumping. It moves along the impeller vanes, and diffusion begins in the volute casing, converting the high rate into high pressure. Most of the end-suction pumps use A.C. electricity for power, but you can find D.C. end-suction pumps. Industries also use other machines for this task, such as hydraulic motors, steam turbines, gasoline engines, and diesel engines. Buyers can choose between two differently configured end-suction pumps

  • Frame-mounted pumps
  • Closed coupled end-suction pumps.

The frame mounted pump has its bearing and coupling that separates the two components. The close-coupled end suction pumps attach directly to the driver shaft without separate coupling. You can use the end-suction pumps in many industrial and residential applications. The standard water pumps, for example, have a normal iron body.

End-Suction Centrifugal Pumps Brands

Applications of End Suction Pumps

End suction pumps are versatile, considering they can produce good pressure levels ideal for industrial and commercial applications. Some common uses for the end-suction pumps include:

  • Mining and mineral industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Chemical and food processing industry
  • Clean water and oil services
Bottom Line

End suction pumps are ideal if you are looking for long-term liquid suction options. These pumps have their components at a 90-degree angle, making them suitable for longer, industrial applications.


Check out this video for a bit more about End-Suction Pumps, and the maintenance that should be done on a regular basis!