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Explosion Proof

Electric Motors

Explosion Proof

Advanced Pump is also here to service all of your electric motor repair needs.  We can handle electric motor repairs and rewinding up to 500 horsepower. Contact us to discuss your needs, at 1-781-932-3030.

Explosion Proof Electric Motors Overview

Hazardous Locations AC motors are intended for use in locations where ignition is possible due to hazardous fumes or combustible dust. They have durable housings because these AC motors have carbon brushes that create sparks, so the housings have to be built with thicker walls and longer flanges where the end bells and frame meet. Thanks to the extra strength, the engine card withstands the pressure caused by internal ignition and prevents the spread of flames. Motors have field wiring that must be routed separately or attached to wiring that has the same hazardous location class and group standards as the motor. They are commonly used in chemical plants, flour mills, grain refineries, oil refineries, paint shops, oil depots, and automotive and manufacturing applications.

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