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Gear/ Lobe Pumps


Gear & Lobe Pump Overview

Lobe pumps are one of the most widely used pumps you will come across. Experts often use these pumps in the food, chemical, pulp, and paper industries. Industrial manufacturers prefer using the lobe pumps for sanitary operations and several other reasons. Gear Pumps are highly reliable, produce excellent results, have good corrosion resistance, and sterilize in-place settlements. These pumps are used in most industries, making them incredibly popular.

What are Lobe Pumps used for?

The applications of lobe pumps mainly depend on the exact industry. However, they are best known for their delicate design and the ability to handle all kinds of materials, thanks to their gentle pumping mechanism. Users can also wet these pumps to improve their performance. What’s most impressive about lobe pumps is that they offer reversible flow and the option to operate dry for an extended period.

Interestingly, the performance of these pumps remains the same irrespective of the process pressure, which allows constant output and consistent yield.

Types of Lobe Pumps

The rotary pumps are available in different types ranging from sanitary and industrial applications. These pumps break down into different categories and sub categories. The following are some of the most common sub-categories that you will come across.

  • 3-A
  • USDA

Gear & Lobe Pumps Brands

Lobe Pumps: Mechanism and Working

The lobe pumps work similarly to the external gear pumps. However, unlike the former, the lobe pumps do not contact the system during operations. What’s more, these pumps have timing gears, preventing them from making contact. The pump shaft supports the bearing in the gearbox. The bearing location and the shaft deflection angle limit the liquid flow of fluid in the system, mainly because the bearings are out of the pumped liquid.

The pumps create an expanding volume between the casing and the liquid when the liquid moves around the internal casing. You will find the liquid moving between the internal casing in small pockets between the casing and lobes, but it does not make contact between the lobes. The lobe meshing causes the liquid to move through the outlet port when under stress.

Lobe Pump Applications

The lobe pumps are most popular in the food processing industry. These pumps can handle solid materials without squishing or damaging them. This is because the lobes are not as close as other PD pumps.