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General Purpose

Electric Motors

General Purpose

Advanced Pump is also here to service all of your electric motor repair needs.  We can handle electric motor repairs and rewinding up to 500 horsepower. Contact us to discuss your needs, at 1-781-932-3030.

General Purpose Electric Motors Overview

General purpose AC motors, also known as induction motors, are electric motors that convert alternating current into torque (torque is a measure of rotational or twisting force) to move mechanical loads. They are suitable for operating pumps, fans, conveyors and machine tools.

Split-phase NEMA frame general purpose AC motors are lower than other AC motors and have lower starting torque for smoother starting. Capacitor Start NEMA frame general purpose AC motors use a capacitor to provide additional starting power for higher torque. Capacitor Start/Start NEMA frame general purpose AC motors are single phase motors that use a capacitor to provide additional power during starting for higher torque and a separate capacitor for higher efficiency operation.

Three-phase NEMA frame general-purpose AC motors and three-phase IEC metric motors operate with efficient three-phase power at high torque and require no starting or starting capacitors.

General Purpose Electric Motor Brands!