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What should I look for when buying an Air Compressor?​

How Do I Choose a Dryer for My Air Compressor?

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Because of their great ability to remove humidity and moisture, dryers are essential for air compressors. Any type of contamination, such as dirt, moisture, oil, etc., can damage pneumatic machinery. If you leave these contaminants in the air compressor system, it will have severe consequences.

This is why every industry, from pharmaceutical to refrigeration, utilizes air dryers to maintain a healthy air system. Dryers are significantly helpful in drying wet air, and it is also the perfect equipment to protect the air compressor equipment from moisture.

This begs the question, which air dryer is the best for air compressors? Learn more in this article and learn how to get a dryer for air compressors. It would be best if you kept a few major things in mind while purchasing the right dryer that works best for your air compressors.

How Do I Choose a Dryer That is Right for Air Compressors?

There are a number of air dryers of different sizes in the market, with some variations in their functions and performance. It would be best if you kept some essential things in mind while purchasing the right dryer that works best for your air compressors. Let’s talk about all the major factors.

Air and Environment

The size of dryers is based totally on the capacity, incoming air, and temperature of air compressors. If the consumption power of your compressor is high, then the dryer with a large flow works best for your air compressor.

It is best to select an air dryer that meets your application’s air quality requirement and the temperature of your environment.

Humidity and Dew Point 

Air dryers with specific dew points is important in some industries to meet compressed air quality standards. This specific temperature is suitable for the condensation of vapors into water. Some industries look for relative humidity control to prevent the consideration of water.

These are some critical and in-depth things that are of high importance. So, when you purchase the right dryer, make sure it is suitable for air compressors and functions well with it.

Types of Dryers

Several industries use two major types of dryers for air compressors.

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigeration dryers have the same working principle as most air conditioning units. It cools the air refrigerant circuit, a heat exchanger, and a compressor. Because it has both cycling and non-cycling variations, it is the ideal solution for your operational preferences and the needs of your air compressors.

If your company deals in food manufacturing and auto shops or has giant manufacturing plants, then refrigeration dryers are the right choice for you.

Desiccant Dryers 

Desiccant dryers work best in the removal of water from the air compressor. It produces hot and dry air to remove the water from the surface of the desiccant. They can reach a dew point as lower as -70 degree Celsius.


Selecting the right air dryer is quite difficult as you need to see in-depth all the parameters and requirements before buying one. So, always do comprehensive homework and pick the air dryer most suitable for your air compressor.

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