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How often should I Change the Oil on my Air Compressor?

How often should I Change the Oil on my Air Compressor?

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Like other machines, maintaining your air compressor is vital to ensure it performance is not affected. Air compressor owners should know the importance of timely oil changes.

The oil helps lubricate mechanical parts within the air compressor, reducing the system’s wear and tear. It also helps the machines work smoothly and avoid frequent maintenance.

Understanding Air Compressor Oil changes

People owning air compressors for their residential or commercial applications should know the importance of changing the oil when needed. The oil is not responsible for lubricating the parts alone but, it also prevents the machinery from heating up.

It reduces the friction within the machine, allowing the air compressor to function properly. Missing out on an oil change can damage the air compressor. The oil within the air compressor also acts as a sealant in the system. If the oil loses its viscosity, air can enter the compressor, impacting its output.

Most modern air compressor models have a fail switch designed to shut the compressor down if the oil levels are too low.

However, some models may not have this feature. So, it’s crucial to identify when it’s time for an oil change to avoid long-term damage to the air compressor.

How often should you change your Air Compressor Oil?

The kind of compressor you own and the frequency of your use are the two main factors in deciding how often you should change the oil. .

Some models require more oil changes more often, so you can consult with a professional to learn more about it.

You can also check the user manual to find the proper oil change guidelines for your specific air compressor model. The two metrics are the time frame (presented in the number of months) and the service time.

Moreover, some air compressors have an air filter that users must clean out regularly. A clean filter can improve the air compressors and make your use easier.

What kind of Oil should you Use?

Individuals who perform DIY air compressor maintenance confuse the oil changes. The industry has a variety of oil brands for air compressors but  not all of them are the same. It’s crucial for air compressor owners to understand their options fully.

Again, your air compressor user manual is your best go-to source for information. It has specific information related to your air compressor model. So, there’s little room for errors this way. The owner’s manual contains full instructions on the oil choices and the best oil changing method.

Air compressors looking for an approximate oil viscosity range should know oils with 68 grade or 100 grade are pretty suitable for users in most cases.

However, you should always check the model you have. If the information listed is too complicated, you can contact a professional and ask them for a recommendation.

Bottom Line

Changing your air compressor oil is crucial because it impacts your air compressor’s performance, wear and tear, and overall experience. It’s best for users to find an air compressor oil that meets the grade 68 and grade 100 marks and you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

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