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Lift Station Alarm Going Off

Lift Station Alarm Going Off

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The lift station pumps come with an alarm system designed to alert the owners about potential issues with the lift alarm system when it occurs. The lift station alarms may go off for various reasons, but the lift station septic alarm is one of the most common ones you might experience.

The septic tanks in the lift station come with alarms for various reasons. Issues with the septic tank can cause catastrophic problems. The alarms usually go off when the water level in the tank is too high or low. Either case can damage the lift station tank and cause long-term complications.

Reasons your Lift Station Alarm may go off

The exact reason why your lift station alarm may go off varies for each user. However, we can thin out the causes to the following reasons:

Issues with the Power

The main reason the lift station alarm will go off is power outlet problems. Professionals should check the power supply. It occurs because someone turns the power off. You should check if the outlet has power and the lift station pump receives it well. 

The alarm may also be on a different source than the one you check. You can also request a professional technician to assist you with this task if you cannot identify the power problems.

Overuse of Lift Station Pump

The lift stations are designed to work in commercial and residential units. They can easily move the water from a lower to a higher elevation. However, overusing these machines can cause wear and tear over time.

For instance, people with guests in their residential properties may use the lift alarm station more than the others. Similarly, doing too much laundry, dishes, or activities that use too much water can cause overuse in the lift station.

The lift station alarm goes off to inform the users that there’s something wrong with the system and requires immediate attention.

Heavy Rain

Rain can contribute to the ground-level water and change your lift station’s performance. However, heavier rains can damage the performance of the lift station alarms. It can cause seepage in the septic tank and lead to various complications, such as overflow.

Parts Problem

The lift station alarm can also go off if there’s something wrong with the components within the machine. The fault can be a pump, the floats, or your timer.

It can even be the alarm itself. Therefore, users should identify the problem right away. The pump requires full-scale inspection and resolving the problems with the part.

Bottom Line

Lift station alarms are installed to inform users about a possible issue with the lift station alarm going off. For instance, it can go off because of a parts problem or seepage due to heavy rain. You may also experience the alarm going off because of using the lift station alarm too much. Or it can also be something simple like power issues.

Pump users should identify the lift station problem and resolve it immediately. However, early diagnosis can save users from excessive damage. We recommend consulting with a professional about the lift station alarm going off and finding a solution.

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