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Lift Station Services


Lift Station Services

Advanced Pump services and repairs lift stations throughout the New England area. Lift stations are used on any commercial or residential property whose sewage lines run more than one hundred feet from the building, and need to be pumped when waste needs to be removed from a building. Lift stations contain a pump, which is connected to a series of piping that runs from the building, down to the station and out again via a drainage line. In addition to the pump, there is also a series of control components in a lift station, including two valves: one for liquid and one for solids. The valve for solids should be opened when there is waste in the system, and then closed after everything has been processed. They also include an alarm sensor that will sound when everything isn’t functioning properly.


Lift stations are the heart of your sewage system, processing all of your household’s wastewater and sending it on to the city’s sewer system. And like all hearts, lift stations must be regularly maintained to continue working well. Just like any other machine, a lift station needs to be cleaned and inspected regularly. The process is fairly simple, but if you don’t do it, you could face hefty repair costs or even equipment failure and sewage backup.

Dangers of Neglecting
Your Lift Station

If you don’t take care of your lift station, you’ll eventually end up with a sewage backup—a mess that can cause damage to your home and financial loss from having to pay for repairs. Lift station breaks and malfunctions happen more often than most people realize. Most occur when debris gets into the motors, gears, or pumps inside of the station. When that happens, the equipment can overheat or be damaged beyond repair. Since these are big machines that cost thousands and thousands of dollars to repair or replace, it’s not worth the risk of letting them go neglected for too long. Sooner or later they need to be serviced and taken care of in order to avoid a costly repair bill down the road.


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