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Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance & Repair

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Pump, Air Compressor, and Motor Maintenance, Service and Repair

Advanced Pump offers Pump, Motor and Air compressor repairs and maintenance. We have the ability to work on-site or in house repairs. 

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Pump Maintenance

Pump Services

  • Preventing pump breakdown
  • Increasing equipment life
  • Increasing efficiency

We recommend completing scheduled maintenance to your pumping systems. Scheduled maintenance will increase the life of the pump and improve overall efficiency. However, breakdowns will occur, and we are happy to assist in repairs.

We customize specific maintenance plans for your pump systems. We also offer onsite servicing throughout the New England area.

Our philosophy here at Advanced Pump: Maintained pumps, are happy pumps. 

We offer in-house or on-site repairs for all pumps. Rebuilds are required to be in-house. 

Types of pumps we service & rebuild:

  • Vertical & Horizontal Centrifugal
  • Air Operated 
  • Progressive Cavity
  • Gear
  • Peristaltic
  • Submersible
  • Multi-Stage 
  • And much more! 

Air Compressor Maintenance

Air Compressor Services

Regular maintenance consists of:

  • Changing oil and filters
  • Adjusting drive belts
  • Checking traps and drains
  • Testing all controls and safety functions
  • Recording operational parameters


Additional recommended maintenance:

  • Inspect all valve assemblies
  • Replace worn parts
  • Change drive belts, floats, and drains
  • Turn-key compressor and associated equipment installation
  • Control and coooling system repairs and modifications
  • ASME and MA code compliance retrofits
  • Laser Alignment
  • Operating temperature, ventilation and environmental concers
  • OSHA noise level metering

Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric Motor Services

Regular maintenance consists of:

  • Check alignment
  • Routine lubrications when necessary
  • Assess bearings
  • Testing all controls and safety functions
  • Recording operational parameters


  • Bearing replacements
  • Alignments
  • Rewinding
  • Any other repair needs

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