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Oil-less Air Compressors

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Oil-less Air Compressors Overview

Oil-lubricated compressors act as a sealant in older compressor models. However, oil-operated compressors can impact the air quality produced. Air compression processes exposed to oil compressors have a higher chance of contamination, requiring purification. The additional purification can increase the cost of air compression, making it unsuitable for industrial applications. Thus, companies now prefer oil-less air compressors to avoid this complication.

Oil-less Air Compressors: Working

Most oil-less air compressors have no mechanical contact in the system, removing the need for oil-lubricated operations. Lubricating the gears and bearing in the compressors increases their lasting, but it’s unnecessary if there is no contact between these parts. Thus, the oil-less air compresses produce 100% oil-free air for industrial applications. The modern oil-less air compressors have also removed the metal-to-metal contact, removing the need for external lubrication in the system.

The oil-less air compressors may initially cost industrial users but can help save costs in the long run. Plus, they provide 100% pure air, contributing to industrial efficiency.

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Benefits of Oil-less Air Compressors

Following are the top benefits of investing in Oil-less Air Compressors to keep in mind

No need to Dispose of Oil

Most oil-lubricated air compressors collect all the oil disposed of in a container that needs emptying. Draining the oil collection chamber can be tiresome, but the oil-less air compressors do not let the operators face this trouble.

Lower Replacement Needs

The oil-less air compressors have downstream filters and do not filter oil or other lubricants. It reduces the need to replace the filters.

Lower Energy Costs

The oil-less air compressors consume less energy because the machine has no force increase. Fluid-flooded units may have downstream pressure drop because of the filters installed.

Lower Oil Costs

The oil-less air compressors need no lubrication to operate, removing the need to change the oil and refill it every few weeks.

Quick Loading and Unloading

The oil-less compressors can load and unload their pressure on command in seconds. The machines only use 18% of their total horsepower potential while unloading, making them ideal for long-term use.

Applications of the Oil-less Air Compressors

The air compressors without oil or lubrication are best for any industrial application based on air-operated tools. Let’s discuss their complete applications.


The oil-less air compressors are best for plantation and other agricultural tasks because of no lubrication design. Users can install the air compressors and meet agricultural functions for an affordable cost.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry requires frequent packaging and manufacturing tasks that the oil-less air compressors can help meet. The compressors have an adjustable pressure gauge, allowing industry professionals to change the pressure produced.

Water Treatment and Chemical Plants

The oil-less air compressors are ideal for chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, and several other industries. These compressors have lower energy costs, making production affordable and practical.

Bottom Line

An oil-less air compressor is a better alternative than a lubricated one because it requires no replacements, refilling, or changes. It is affordable for industrial applications where operators need consistent airflow and performance. All you have to do is pick the right one for your industrial application.

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