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Progressing Cavity Pumps


Progressing Cavity Pump Overview

The progressing cavity pumps are positive displacement pumps with a rotating rotor called the stator. The metallic rotor is located in the pumps, whereas the progressive cavity pump stator has a rubber-like material. The whole mechanism resembles a screw thread. Most experts use the progressive cavity pumps while handling sensitive material. These pumps allow users to move different media through the pumps continuously. Progressing cavity pumps have a low pulsation, which removes the chance of material integration. It is also worth noting that these progressive cavity pumps have higher power and operating speed than their pulsation rate.

Progressive Cavity Pump

A progressive cavity pump usually includes a suction inlet that connects to an elongated casing. This setup helps feed the case and fill it with the required liquid in calculated amounts. The machine also includes temporary seals, creating empty spaces. You will find the cavity when the rotor starts moving in an eccentric direction. When the pump takes in any liquid the users want to introduce, it progresses along with the assembly. The final product comes out of the discharge port after the process completes.

The progressive cavity pumps have different operations. You can choose from various accessories to make liquid management tasks more manageable and make configuration adjustments as well.

How to Use Progressive Cavity Pumps

  • Add a seal arrangement to reduce the chances of abrasive wear
  • Use hygienic materials for better industrial processes
  • Use the pumps for barrel emptying with vertical system integration.

Note: The Progressing cavity pumps must not run dry. The heat produced in the stator and rotor can cause mechanical failure. However, users can choose various accessory additions to avoid this issue. The accessories save the suction side and on the pump and the rest of pump mechanism.

Progressive Cavity Pumps Brands

Liquids that Progressive Cavity Pumps Use

Most progressive pumps help with managing viscous liquids that have low transfer rates. These pumps can create good pumping power, ideal for thicker liquids.

They can help create a smooth flow, reduce liquid contamination, and keep the process simple and easy. Following are some of the most commonly used liquids with the progressive cavity pumps

You can also use the pumps for additives and chemicals because they pumps can handle these sensitive liquids easily.