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What Is a Dryer for an Air Compressor?

What Is a Dryer for an Air Compressor?

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Air contains moisture in its composition, which can be pretty troubling for machines. The moisture can build up in the air compressor, leading to parts rusting and deteriorating. People running commercial facilities are at higher risk of moisture-related problems because of the manufacturing processes involved.

Dryer for Air Compressors: The Complete Guide

A dryer for an air compressor is one of the most common solutions to tackle moisture. Unfortunately, most people do not know about the dryer, its working, benefits, or applications. Let’s discuss them more for your understanding.

Dryer for Air Compressors: What is their Purpose?

As the name suggests, the dryers for the air compressors are designed to “dry” the moisture out of the air. It suppresses the dew drop within the air to make it moisture-free. At the right temperature, this dew can liquefy and become harmful to the air compressors. The liquid can cause rust and wear in the air compressors, making them lose performance.

The moisture from the air can also have an extended impact on the product created in industrial settings. It can collect on the surface, condense, and contaminate the final shipping.

Moreover, the moisture can also cause pipes to freeze under extreme conditions, making them burst in extreme cases. Therefore, installing air dryers for the air compressor is essential.

Air Dryers for Air Compressors: How can they help?

The air dryers focus on reducing and removing unnecessary water particles from the air to make it entirely dry. Therefore, their full working principle varies based on the type of air compressor you own. Understanding the air dryer types will help you decide get the best one that caters to your needs.

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated dryers are the first and the most common type of air dryers you can find. These dryers are available in most industrial plants and are a must for companies that have mass production facility. The working principle of these dryers is pretty simple. It  takes in air, cools it down, and separates the water particles.

These dryers are most common because they cost relatively less and work under medium to easy conditions. Thus, they are most suitable for industrial applications. However, industries involving extreme working conditions may not use this.

Desiccant Dryers

Industries with low temperatures find it harder to contain the air’s moisture efficiently. There’s a chance that the products around you cannot tolerate the moisture. Therefore, shutting down all moisture exposure is imperative. Most of these kinds of dryers have alumina as the main drying agent. What’s more, these kinds of dryers have various types. The most popular ones include

Buyers should always check the details for these types before finding the one that suits them the most.

Bottom Line

Dryers for air compressors are necessary as they help industrial production and overall product safety. However, the air dryer you choose impacts your overall experience with them. Therefore, the manufacturers need to  pick out the one most suited for their needs. You can learn more about the air dryer types and use them.

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