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When should I change the filters on my air compressor?

How Long Do Filters Last on My Air Compressor?

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Like in a vehicle, each air compressor consists of various filters that keep the contaminants away from the machinery. They act as a protective barrier to ensure all materials, debris, particles, etc., stay out of the machinery.

The most crucial one is the air filter which needs to be changed from time to time. Since they get dirtier over time, the air filters will ultimately lose efficiency. So, how do you know your air filter needs a replacement? We will discuss some signs you can look at to know it’s time to change your air filter.

Signs That Show You Need to Replace Your Air Filter

There is no need to play a guessing game to decide when you should replace your air filter. You can look for the following signs to know whether or not it needs a replacement.

Check the Time Frame

Firstly, you should check the time frame to know how many hours your air filter needs a replacement. The air filter would vary depending on each unit’s capabilities. Mostly, air compressors have a life of anywhere around 2,000 hours. Your separator will also need a replacement after every 8,000 hours.

Wear and Tear

If you see any sign of damage or if the air filters seem to wear off, you need to change them. Even if there is no visible wear and tear, you should get a replacement after its 2000-hour life span. You should avoid using your worn-out air filter since it can damage the air compressor.

Manufacturer’s Advice

Most manufacturers will advise you about changing your air filter after a 2000-hour life span. However, if they give you other suggestions, you should follow their advice. 

Lower Efficiency

Lastly, if you notice a drop in the air compressors’ performance, you can consider replacing your air filter. In most cases, the air filter won’t perform the same after its lifespan and might lead to problems. But if you are unsure about it, you can get assistance from a professional for further inspection.

Why Should You Replace Your Air Filter From Time to Time?

You might wonder why you should replace the air filter if it operates perfectly after 2000 hours. Multiple reasons address why you should change them with time. Let’s go over a few of them.

  • Increase Your Air Compressor’s Lifespan: Since air filters keep out all the contaminants, they ensure that the entire air compressor works to the best of its ability. Consequently, it will increase the air compressor’s life span.
  • Doesn’t Lead to Expensive Repair: The cost of replacing an air filter is way lower than repairing major air compressor issues. If the air filter works properly, you can keep yourself safe from expensive repairs.
  • Reduces the Possibility of a Shutdown: If you rely on a single compressor, then any issue due to the faulty air filter will mean a complete shutdown of your operations. Therefore, changing the air filter from time to time is vital.

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